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This is the 100ml container with application spout, perfect for your reloading room.

This product is UK produced specifically for the UK and European market and we believe it is currently the best in the market when it comes to stripping copper plus it has the added bonus of removing carbon as well. C2R is a water soluble ammonia free product that will not harm rifle barrels or finishes, what it does do is clean your barrel without the need for bore brushes, just use patches soaked in C2R and finish off with water soaked patches followed by a light gun oil of required.


13.95 GBP

C2R Bore Cleaner

Bore Cleaner

Bore Tech’s C4 Carbon Remover™ sets the standard for a high performance, cutting edge carbon cleaners that immediately begins to eliminate heavy carbon fouling without the safety hazards, harmful toxicity, and offensive odors typically found in competitive cleaners. Stubborn baked-on carbon fouling in rifle throats, AR bolt-tails and shotgun gas pistons are no match for the C4 Carbon Remover.

13.50 GBP

Boretech Carbon Remover

Carbon Remover

Bore Tech Cu+2 Copper Remover™ uses a revolutionary and patented chemical technology that rapidly removes copper fouling and is 100% barrel safe, odor free and biodegradable. Cu+2 Copper Remover’s cutting edge formulation is ammonia free and removes heavy copper fouling faster than the competition without the safety hazards, harmful toxicity, and offensive odors found in petro-ammonia based solvents.

13.50 GBP

Boretech Copper Remover

Copper Remover

Bore Tech Eliminator™ Bore Cleaner is the premier, state of the art bore cleaner that has taken the shooting industry by storm. The revolutionary and patented formula is 100% barrel safe, biodegradable and easily outperforms the competition. Eliminator rapidly removes carbon and copper fouling without the safety hazards, harmful toxicity, and unpleasant odors found in competitive cleaners.

15.25 GBP

Boretech Eliminator


Traditional barrel cleaning products may have a pleasant smell, but are not totally effective for cleaning a firearm.

Loss of accuracy is normal in all firearms after they have been used in a prolonged shooting session. The barrel will become fouled with powder residue as a result of combustion. Additionally two other materials are deposited internally to the barrel: carbon and metal fouling from bullet material. These two are the most difficult to remove and are the greatest cause for the loss of accuracy in a firearm.

The standard practice has been to dunk a brush into a cleaner and stroke the cleaning rod the length of the bore. A good deal of the evidence of fouling removal comes from the bristles in the brush itself, (copper or bronze.) A more recent approach has been to product products with heavy amounts of acid and ammonia. While acid and ammonia will remove metal fouling and carbon they are dangerous to you and your firearm. Products containing large amounts of acids and ammonia still require large amounts of brushing.

The major problem also is a horrible smell, and they can be very dangerous to the steel used in gun barrels and quite harmful to you and your skin. There are many sad shooters who have pitted a barrel using cleaners of this type. It is quite easy using these products to permanently damage the interior of the barrel with pitting.

Wipe Out
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Wipe Out

Wipe Out


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